How Can I Clear Unnecessary Alarms Generated During Software Installation?


1.Use PuTTY to log in to the active operation and maintenance service (OMS).
Log in as user opadmin using the OMS floating management IP address. Then, run the su - root command to switch to the root account.

2.Run the following command to prevent PuTTY from timing out.

3.Go to the /opt/omm/oms/tools directory.
cd /opt/omm/oms/tools

4.Clear historical alarms.

An output similar to the following is displayed indicating that the historical alarms are successfully cleared.
Begin to clear history alarm table??
Clear HistoryAlarm Success.
Clear Event Success

Other related questions:
How can I clear alarms on a WLAN device
To clear alarms on a WLAN device, run the clear alarm active { all | sequence-number sequence-number } command in the alarm management view.

How can I clear MCU logs and alarms?
1. All ViewPoint 9000 series MCUs and ViewPoint 8000 series MCU with the version earlier than V100R008 support automatic alarm clearing. 2. For the ViewPoint 8000 series MCU in V100R008, certain alarms such as temperature alarms cannot be automatically cleared. In this case, you need to manually clear the alarms by running the diag clear-alarm command at the prompt as the administrator user. 3. You do not need to clear logs. When the number of logs reaches a certain capacity, new logs will automatically overwrite old logs. Currently, you cannot manually delete logs.

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