After G0/0/0 goes Down, the static route still exists, causing abnormal communication


Root cause:
Through confirmation, the device configuration is correct and the system software runs stably. Check the routing table. The outbound interface in the static route is still G0/0/1 based on the direct route and dynamic route. As a result, the static route still exists. Data forwarding is affected.
Solution: G0/0/1 is added to the static route forcibly. When G0/0/0 goes Down, the direct route does not exist. Then the static route does not exist.
For details, see After G/0/00 on an AR Router Goes Down, Its Static Route Still Exists, Causing Abnormal Communication.

Other related questions:
Do routes still exist after an interface becomes Down on an AR
Scenario: In PPPoE scenarios, if a physical interface of an AR becomes Down, while the dialer interfaces are still Up, do routes still exist?

Solution: Run the dialer number dial-number autodial command on a dialer interface to configure the interface to automatically initiate a dialup. If a physical interface is Down, the dialer interface cannot initiate a PPPoE dialup. As a result, the dialer interface becomes Down, and related routes do not exist.
<Huawei> system-view 
[Huawei]interface Dialer 0 
 [Huawei-Dialer0] dialer number 1234 autodial
1. In interface dialer x, x indicates the ID of the dialer interface for initiating a dialup.
2. In dialer number 1234 autodial,
1234 indicates the dialer number on an interface for calling the remote end, which can be any value.

How to deny access of APs
For V200R005, to deny access of a specified AP, delete the AP or add it to the blacklist. Run the following commands on an AC: [HUAWEI]wlan [HUAWEI]undo ap id xx [HUAWEI]ap-blacklist mac x-x-x For V200R006, to deny access of a specified AP, delete the AP or add it to the blacklist. Run the following commands on an AC: Delete the AP with a specified name. [HUAWEI]wlan [HUAWEI]undo ap ap-name xx Delete the AP with an ID in a specified list. [HUAWEI]wlan [HUAWEI]undo ap ap-id xx Delete the AP with a specified MAC address. [HUAWEI]wlan [HUAWEI]undo ap ap-mac xx Delete APs in a specified AP group. [HUAWEI]wlan [HUAWEI]undo ap ap-group xx Delete all APs. [HUAWEI]wlan [HUAWEI]undo ap all Add a specified AP to the AP blacklist. [HUAWEI]ap-blacklist mac x-x-x

Does the VU switchboard still exist after the U1900 upgrade?
The VU switchboard still exists after the U1900 upgrade and the configuration is not affected by the upgrade. It is recommended that you save and back up the system configuration before the upgrade.

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