Firefox Displays an Adobe Flash Plugin Crash


Step 1 Disable the Flash sandbox according to the instructions at and restart the Firefox. It
is often an effective measure.
Step 2 Download a Flash Installer from to update Flash.
Step 3 If updating Flash to the latest version does not resolve the problem, you can try downgrading
the Flash version to 10.3.

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Functions of eBackup plugin
The eBackup plugin is the adapter for backing up and restoring the Karbor. It transfers tasks such as backup and restoration to the backup process server.

What are the functions of PIM silent on a PIM interface
On the access layer, if the interface directly connected to a host is enabled with the PIM protocol, PIM neighbors can be established on this interface to process various PIM protocol packets. Such configuration, however, may bring security problems. For example, when malicious hosts send a large number of pseudo PIM Hello packets, it may lead to the collapse of the device. To avoid the preceding problem, you can run the pim silent command on the interface to set the interface to work in PIM silent state. After the interface enters the PIM silent state, it is forbidden to receive or forward any PIM protocol packet. All PIM neighbors and the PIM state machine on this interface are deleted and the interface automatically becomes a DR. Meanwhile, the PIM silent function does not affect the IGMP function on the interface. The PIM silent function is applicable only to the interface that is directly connected to the network segment of user hosts, and only one PIM device can be connected to this network segment.

Functions of the TFM configured for LSISAS 2208 RAID controller cards
The TFM configured for LSISAS 2208 RAID controller cards is used to protect data in case of power failures. If this function is not required, you do not need to configure the TFM. LSISAS 2208 RAID controller cards will work properly without the TFM. The working principles of the TFM are as follows: During a power failure, data in the cache of an LSISAS 2208 RAID controller card is synchronized to the TFM, and supercapacitors are used to power the synchronization process. The TFM supports data recovery in various power failure scenarios.

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