system reported:The user account has been locked. Please try later


Step 1 If an administrator attempts to discover a device using an incorrect user name or password, the
device locks the user name for 15 minutes. In that case, the administrator has to wait 15 minutes
until the device unlocks the user account. The administrator can then enter the correct user name
and password to discover the device.
Step 2 A password change on the device also leads to user account lockout. In that case, choose
Management > Discover Management > Resources to find the device and clicks Modify to
change the user account, password, and SSL. Then wait 15 minutes for the device to unlock the
user account.

Other related questions:
Why does the system display the message "Error:System is busy, please try again later" when the display current-configuration command is being executed
This message is displayed when the display saved-configuration command used by another user is displaying the command output.

How long can I re-log in to the web system of an AR after the password is locked
The default password unlocking time is 5 minutes.

Default MUX VLAN configuration on S series switch
By default, the MUX VLAN function is disabled on interfaces of S series switches (except S1700). To enable this function on an interface, run the port mux-vlan enable command on the interface.

User lock modes of an OceanStor V3 storage system
There are two user lock modes: permanent lock and scheduled lock. In permanent lock mode, administrators and read-only users are locked permanently. The super administrator will be automatically unlocked after 15 minutes. In scheduled lock mode, you can set a duration to lock administrators and read-only users.

Whether a user VM can be bound to another user after being unbound from a user
A user VM cannot be bound to another user after it has been unbound from a user.

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