How Can I Retrieve My Login Password?


If you lose your password for logging in to the CSE web disk system, perform the following steps to retrieve your password:
1.On the login page of the individual web disk system, click Forgot Password.
2.On the Reset Password page, enter related information as prompted.
3.Click OK.
The link for changing your password is sent to your email address.

4.Log in to your email box and set a new password as prompted. Then, log in to the individual web disk system again.

Other related questions:
Password retrieval using BootROM for the USG2000&5000 series
As an administrator, if you forget your login user name or password, enable the device to start with the default configuration. Then use the default administrator user name/password (admin/Admin@123) to log in to the device, export the configuration file, change the administrator password, and overwrite the existing configuration file.

How do I add a neighboring GK on the SMC1.0?
In the node management module of the SMC1.0 web interface, select a GK (GK 1) and add another GK (GK2) as the neighboring GK of GK 1 in the route table. To establish the neighboring relationship, you also need to add GK 1 as the neighboring GK of GK2. Route prefix: indicates the number prefix routed to the neighboring GK. IP address: indicates the IP address of the peer GK. Use the default values of other parameters.

Login method if the account and password are forgotten for the USG6000 series
Upon the factory delivery, default administrator account admin and password Admin@123 are provided for the access to the USG6000 series in three modes: Telnet, web UI, and console port.

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