How Can I Power Off and Power On a CSE System?


Power off a CSE system.
Perform power-off operations when no services are running on the CSE system. To power off the CSE system, complete the following steps:

1.Log in to each C-Node as user root and run halt to power off each C-Node.
2.Log in to each SD-Node as user root and run halt to power off each SD-Node.
3.Power off all switches and then the cabinet after all C-Nodes and SD-Nodes are powered off (that is, all indicators on those nodes are red on).
Power on the CSE system.
Do not perform any operation during the CSE system power-on and check process.

1.Power on the cabinet and then switches and view indicators on the switches to ensure that their status is normal.
2.Press the power button on each SD-Node to power on all SD-Nodes.
3.Wait approximately 5 minutes. Then, press the power button on each C-Node to power on all C-Nodes.
4.Use the inspection tool to check the CSE system status.

Other related questions:
How can I power off the DP300?
To power off the DP300: Tap the power button in the lower right corner of the display twice or turn the power switch on the right panel to OFF.

Power-off of the OceanStor V3 series
Power-off sequence of the OceanStor V3 series: Stop host services �?Power off the controller enclosure by holding down the Power button for 5 seconds or on OceanStor DeviceManager �?Disconnect the controller enclosure and disk enclosure from external power supplies

How to Power Off FusionStorage.
Stop the FusionStorage service. Use PuTTY to log in to the active FSM node. Ensure that the management IP address and user dsware are used to establish the connection. Run the following command to disable user logout upon system timeout: TMOUT=0 Run the following command to stop the FusionStorage service: /opt/dsware/client/bin/ --op stopDSwareService Information similar to the following is displayed: This operation is high risk,please input y to continue: Enter y as prompted. Enter username cmdadmin and its password as prompted. The default password of user cmdadmin is cmdHuawei@123. The service is successfully stopped if information similar to the following is displayed: Operation finish successfully. Result Code:0 [Tue May 10 16:16:36 CST 2016] DswareTool operation end. Power off the virtualization environment or servers. If FusionStorage is deployed in converged mode, power off the virtualization environment by following operations in the corresponding software documentation. If FusionStorage is deployed in separated mode, power off servers by following operations in the corresponding server documentation.

How to shut down S series switches
The S series switches (except the S1700) cannot be shut down by running a command. Instead, you can only power off S series switches using the hardware. The procedure is as follows:
1. (Optional) Save the current configuration file of the device.
 <HUAWEI> save
2. Power off the device
a. For S series modular switches, if the device uses pluggable power modules, turn off all the power modules and cut off external power cable.
b. For S series fixed switches, if the device uses built-in power modules, cut off the external power cable. Note that shutting down the device will interrupt services. Exercise caution when performing this operation.

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