Why Cannot the Modification of a File in My share on the Virtual Web Disk Be Updated to the Web Disk?


The My share folder stores file shortcuts only and those shortcuts lead to files in the cache. Therefore, if you modify a file in My share, you actually modify the file in the cache and the modification is not processed by the virtual web disk. Therefore, the file modification cannot be updated to the web disk.

If you want to update modification of a file to the web disk, modify the file in the My Files folder.

Other related questions:
Why Cannot a File with a Name Containing Special Characters Be Uploaded to the Virtual Web Disk?
The names of some files contain text code that cannot be processed by the virtual web disk. Therefore, those files cannot be uploaded.

Why Do Expired Files Occasionally Fail to Be Synchronized Using a Virtual Web Disk Function?
When expired files are being synchronized using a virtual web disk function, the expired files are occupied by the operating system. It may take a while before the expired files are released. This leads to a synchronization failure. Users can wait for a while and try again.

Why Cannot a User with the Folder Deletion Permission Only Delete a Non-Empty Folder from the Virtual Web Disk?
If a user wants to delete a non-empty folder from the virtual web disk, it needs to delete files in the folder before deleting the folder. If the user only has the permission to delete folders, it cannot delete a folder containing files. If you want to enable a user to delete non-empty folders, allocate the file deletion permission to the user.

Why Cannot a File Be Uploaded to the Enterprise Resource Library or Department Resource Library on Windows Server 2008 After the Virtual Web Disk Space Is Used Up?
The virtual web disk only contains the private space of users, but does not contain space of the enterprise resource library and department resource library. If user space is insufficient and you attempt to upload a file to a resource library, the file cannot pass the local space verification. If you want to upload a file to the enterprise resource library or department resource library after the virtual disk space is used up, contact the IT administrator to expand the space.

Why cannot I share media file in eSpace
If the media file is encrypted, decrypt it and share it again. If the format of the media file is not supported, convert the media file to a .wmv, .wma, or .asf file. If the bit rate of the media file is greater than 1024 kbit/s, the file cannot be shared. When you share a media file, ensure that the bit rate of the media file does not exceed 1024 kbit/s. If the bit rate is high and the bandwidth is low, the media file may not be played smoothly.

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