When Viewing the Network Card of the VMware VM by Yast Tool, Multiple Invalid Network Card Information Is Displayed


Go to the /etc/sysconfig/network/ directory and delete the configuration file of the Yast network card, clear the invalid network card information.

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Starting VMs Timed Out When You Execute a Recovery Plan for VMware VMs
1.Log in to vCenter through a vCenter client, select the VM that fails to be started, and view the tasks and events concerning the VM. 2.If error pbm.fault.PBMFault.summary is displayed during VM startup, check the ESXi cluster settings, disable the vSphere DRS setting, and execute the recovery plan again. After the recovery plan is completed, you can enable the vSphere DRS setting the ESXi cluster based on actual requirements.

Whether VM login is affected when the network between WI and the VM is disconnected
VM login is not affected when the network between WI and the VM is disconnected.

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