Databases Fail to Be Started After Paths of Protected Objects' Data Files and Logs Are Changed and Protected Groups (Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange Server) Are Refreshed


Change the paths of protected objects' data files and log files to the original paths to ensure that the environments on the production and DR ends are the same.

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You Have Refreshed Protected Groups After Deleting Data or Log Files in SQL Server Database, but Storage Information About the Protected Groups Is Not Refreshed in the Topology
1.Use SQL Server enterprise manager to log in to the SQL Server Database. 2.Enter the SELECT * FROM [errorDB].[sys].[database_files] (errorDB indicates the database name) SQL statement or check the sys.database_files table of database errorDB in the enterprise manager to check whether the state_desc field of a file is OFFLINE. If the state_desc field of a file is OFFLINE, contact database engineers to restore the file to ONLINE. If the database file has been deleted, contact database engineers to delete the file. 3.After database engineers resolve the problem, refresh protected groups and check whether the topology is correct.

During the Data Clearance for a Recovery Plan of an SQL Server Protected Group, a Message Is Displayed Stating Failed to execute the script After the Database Is Stopped
Check whether the database is locked. If the database is locked, unlock it and clear its data again.

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