When Executing a DR Test, the Snapshot Mapping Operation Takes a Long Time


Log in to the management server for which OceanStor BCManager is installed and check whether a service IP address has been assigned for the management server.

If yes, confirm whether the service IP address needs to be used. If the service IP address does not need to be used, delete the service IP address.
If no, contact Huawei technical support.

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OperationCenter DR Switchover Takes a Long Time and the Database Is Rebuilt Repeatedly
【Product�? ManageOne OperationCenter 【Version�? 2.3, 3.0, 3.0.5, 3.0.7, 3.0.8, and 3.0.9 【Fault Type�? Installation & Deployment 【Symptom�? During the switchover between the production site and DR site, the OperationCenter database startup takes a long time. 【Fault Locating�? After the switchover script is executed, the database is in the stopped state. Run the gs_ctl querybuild command as user appuser on the OperationCenter server. The database is repeatedly rebuilt. 【Troubleshooting�? Step 1 Use PuTTY and the remote login IP address to log in to the active node of the production site as user appuser. Step 2 Run the following command to switch to user root: sudo su �?root Enter the password of user root. Step 3 Run the following command to disable PuTTY logout on timeout: TMOUT=0 Step 4 Run the following commands to modify the database monitoring script: cd /opt/OperationCenter/AppBase/HA/ha/module/harm/plugin/script/ sed -i 's/db_state_rest/db_state_rst/g' db.sh NOTE: Perform Step 1 through Step 4 to configure the standby node of OperationCenter at the production site, as well as the active and standby nodes of OperationCenter at the DR site. ----End

What can I do if it takes a long time to log in to the ViewPoint 9000 endpoint using SSH
This issue is caused by the non-standardized connection setup process between the endpoint and an SSH client (such as PuTTY). To accelerate the login, use SecureCRT or XShell.

Automatic exit upon long time no operation after telnet to the U1900
Run the set idle_timeout 0 command in config mode.

When the device functions as the access device, it takes a long time for users to obtain IP addresses through DHCP
By default, STP is enabled on the device used as the user access device (WAN-side interface connects to the Internet and LAN-side interface connects to the internal network). The device interface is in Discard state 30s after users connect to the device. DHCP Request packets are discarded. DHCP packets are processed after 30s. It is recommended that STP be disabled to prevent network flapping caused by slow STP convergence.

When Executing the Oracle Protected Group, the Freeze Operation Fails Stating "Failed to execute the script"
1.Log in to the host where the Oracle database resides and view the operation log of OceanStor BCManager Agent. The rdagent.log operation log of OceanStor BCManager Agent is located in the log folder of the Agent installation directory. 2.cannot start online backup; media recovery not enabled in the operation log of OceanStor BCManager Agent indicates that the archive mode is not enabled for the Oracle database. Agent log: 14-11-13--03:52:07: Freeze database failed. Info begin: SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Thu Nov 13 03:52:07 2014 Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved. Connected. alter database begin backup * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01123: cannot start online backup; media recovery not enabled 3.See the instructions in the Oracle documents to set the operating mode of the database to the archive mode. 4.Execute the protected group again.

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