Snapshots Become Unavailable Because the Disk Where the Snapshot Resource Pool Resides Fails


1.Troubleshoot the failed disk by following instructions in the product documentation of VIS.
2.After the failed disk is recovered, delete its related recovery plans and protected groups.
3.Create protected groups and recovery plans again.

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Whether the SAN resources and NAS resources reside in the same storage pool
SAN resources are independent of NAS resources. Storage pools are created specifically for LUNs or file systems. That is, LUNs and file systems cannot coexist in one storage pool but can reside in the same disk domain. The capacity of the storage pool can be dynamically expanded.

Introduction to the Dorado snapshot feature
A snapshot is a point-in-time copy of source data. A snapshot serves as a data backup and is accessible to hosts. The snapshot features instant generation and small space occupation.

6900 V3 snapshot specifications
OceanStor 6900 V3 snapshot specifications are as follows: Maximum number of snapshots: 2048 Maximum number of source LUNs: 1024 Maximum number of snapshots for a source LUN: 256 Maximum number of LUNs that can be consistently activated: 512 For detailed specifications, see V3R1 Latest Software Specifications.

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