Abnormal Site Communication


1.On the local OceanStor BCManager, choose Resources and click the site.

The site list is displayed.

2.Select the line where the modified remote OceanStor BCManager site resides, and click .

A dialog box is displayed.

3.In IP Address, enter the new management IP address.
4.Click OK.

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ServiceCenter at the DR Site Is Abnormal
If ServiceCenter at the DR site is abnormal, you need to perform the operations in this section to troubleshoot the fault and quickly restore services. For details,seeServiceCenter at the DR Site Is Abnormal,The applicable version is 3.0.9.

Method used for communication between two OTM subracks at the same site
If both of them are GNEs, they can be connected to the NMS. If one of them is not a GNE, they can communicate with each other using extended ECC.

NMS monitoring for multiple OSN 1800 devices at the same site
All NEs at a site can be set to gateway NEs. Three inter-NE communication modes are supported: Manual extended ECC mode: In this mode, extended ECC can be performed between OSN 1800 devices or between an OSN 1800 device and another OTN or SDH device in the same equipment room. OSC mode for RM/TM port interconnection Master/Slave subrack mode

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