Login to OceanStor BCManager After OceanStor BCManager Server Was Installed, the Add Host Page Is Not Displayed


Reinstall OceanStor BCManager Server and select Application DR management components. For details, refer to Installing OceanStor BCManager Server.

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Blank Page Is Displayed in BCManager portal?
1.Configure the access request for Internet Explorer a.Open the Internet Explorer and choose Tools > Internet. The Internet dialog box is displayed b.Click the Security tab. In Select a zone to view or change security settings, select Trusted Sites and click Sites. c.Add IP Address to trusted sites. 2.Configure the compatibility view for Internet Explorer a.Open the Internet Explorer and choose Tools > Compatibility View settings. The Compatibility View settings dialog box is displayed. b.Not choose any compatibility view options. c.Click Close to finish the setting.

Install the OceanStor BCManager eBackup software
The OceanStor BCManager eBackup software can be deployed on physical machines and virtual machines (VMs). In V200R001C10SPC300 and later versions, the eBackup public cloud scenario supports DMK deployment. For details, see the user guide of the corresponding version. The eBackup user guide can be obtained from the following paths: - OceanStor BCManager V200R001C00 eBackup User Guide. - OceanStor BCManager V200R001C10 CSBS User Guide (Private Cloud, for FusionCloud 6.0.0). - OceanStor BCManager V200R001C10 Cloud Host Backup User Guide (Private Cloud, for FusionCloud NFVI 6.10.1 & FusionCloud V100R002C00SPC500). - OceanStor BCManager V200R001C10 VBS User Guide (Private Cloud, for FusionCloud 6.0.0). - OceanStor BCManager V200R001C10 eBackup Installation and Commissioning Guide (Public Cloud).

When Operating OceanStor BCManager, the Pop-up Page Content Displays Incompletely
When operating OceanStor BCManager, if the pop-up page content displays incompletely, please refresh the page or close and open it again.

OceanStor BCManager Node Fault
1.On a new physical server or VM, install the same version of OceanStor BCManager. For details about the installation, refer to V100R003C10 Product DocumentationOceanStor BCManager V100R005C00 Product Documentation. After finishing the installation, configure the OceanStor BCManager network information and confirm that the node name, IP address, and other configurations are the same as those of the original OceanStor BCManager. 2.Obtain the latest backup management data. Backup file save path: Automatic backup: Go to the backup file save path /root/CloudComputing/DRBackup/OceanStor BCManager management IP address/YYYY-MM-DD/Auto/ConfigData.zip Manual backup: Go to your local system to obtain the ConfigData.zip file. 3.Import the configuration data into the newly installed OceanStor BCManager.

Why OceanStor BCManager Fails to Start After Installed On Virtual Machines
1.Set the memory and CPU resources allocated to the OceanStor BCManager virtual machine to fixed sizes instead of dynamic allocation. For details about how to set sizes of memory and CPU resources, see the OceanStor BCManager standard configuration. 2.Restart the virtual machine and shut down all virtual machines that are not in use.

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