How to add SUCs to the existing system?


After CNENs are added and cabled, contact technical support engineers to initialize the system.

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How to add CNENs to the existing system?
ter CNENs are added and cabled, initialize the system by referring to step 9 of System Initialization. Add a secondary node to the clustered NAS engine. a.(Optional) Add a physical IP address to the clustered NAS engine. When the specified value in Number of nodes to pre-configure is smaller than the number of nodes that you want to install, manually add a physical IP address. Otherwise, nodes cannot be added successfully. Number of physical IP addresses to be added = Number of the CNENs to be added x Number of the service network ports of the CNENs For details about parameter description, see Help on this page. b.In the ISM navigation tree, choose Clustered NAS Storage System > Device Information. c.Select a clustered NAS engine to which a node is to be added. d.In the function pane, click the Unclustered Nodes tab. e.Select a node and click Add to Cluster. The Result dialog box is displayed. f.Click OK. g.Add other nodes to the cluster.

How to add APs on the AC
1. Query AP types supported by the AC. [AC-wlan-view] display ap-type all All AP types information: ----- ID Type ----- 17 AP6010SN-GN 19 AP6010DN-AGN 21 AP6310SN-GN 23 AP6510DN-AGN 25 AP6610DN-AGN 27 AP7110SN-GN 28 AP7110DN-AGN 29 AP5010SN-GN 30 AP5010DN-AGN 31 AP3010DN-AGN 33 AP6510DN-AGN-US 34 AP6610DN-AGN-US 35 AP5030DN 36 AP5130DN 37 AP7030DE 38 AP2010DN 39 AP8130DN 40 AP8030DN 42 AP9330DN ----- Total number: 19 2. Add the AP offline based on the AP type ID (the type ID of AP6010DN-AGN is 19). [AC-wlan-view] ap id 1 type-id 19 mac 60de-4476-e360 [AC-wlan-ap-1] quit [AC-wlan-view] ap id 2 type-id 19 mac dcd2-fc04-b500 [AC-wlan-ap-2] quit 3. Display APs added to the AC. [AC-wlan-view] display ap all All AP information: Normal[2],Fault[0],Commit-failed[0],Commiting[0],Config[0] Config-failed[0],Download[0],Standby[0],Type-not-match[0] ----- AP ID AP Type AP MAC Profile ID/Region AP State AP Sysname ----- 1 AP6010DN-AGN 60de-4476-e360 0/101 normal ap-1 2 AP6010DN-AGN dcd2-fc04-b500 0/102 normal ap-2 ----- Total number: 2,printed: 2 [AC-wlan-view] quit

Adding a disk to a RAID array
You can add a disk to a RAID array as follows: 1. If the LSISAS2208 or LSISAS3108 RAID controller card is used, you can add a new disk to a RAID array online. For details about how to expand the virtual disk (VD) capacity online, see HUAWEI Server RAID Controller Card User Guide 09. 2. If the LSISAS2308 or LSISAS3008 RAID controller card is used, you cannot add a disk to a RAID array through online capacity expansion and cannot expand the VD capacity online. 3. If softRAID is used, you cannot add a disk to a RAID array online or expand the VD capacity online.

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