How to set an offline file system to online?


1.In the navigation tree of the ISM main interface, choose Clustered NAS Storage System > Storage Resources > File Systems.
2.In the function pane, select an offline file system.
3.Choose File System > Set Running Status. The Set Running Status dialog box is displayed.
4.Click Online. The Result dialog box is displayed.
5.Click Close.

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How to manually set an offline IP address to online
1.In the navigation tree of the ISM main interface, choose Clustered NAS Storage System > Device Info. 2.Expand Device Info and select a clustered NAS engine to be configured. 3.In the function pane, choose Network > IP Address Management. The IP Address Management dialog box is displayed. 4.Select the IP address to be set to online. 5.Click Modify. The Modify IP Address dialog box is displayed. 6.Select a clustered NAS engine node to which the IP address belongs after it becomes online. 7.Click Online, The Result dialog box is displayed. 8.Click Close.

How long would the offline files save by default of eSpace UC2.3
It will save 7 days by default. After that, it will delete automatically.

Check system files in the AR router system.
In the user view, run the dir command to view the device memory information of the files and directories. File suffix namely for system files.

How can I configure the Set Boot File menu on an AR
The method is as follows: 1. Restart an AR, and press Ctrl+B within 3 seconds to enter the BootROM menu when the system displays "Press Ctrl+B to break auto startup ... 3". 2. Select 4. Startup Select to enter the startup submenu. 3. Select 2. Set Boot File to enter the Set Boot File menu. Set the system software package for the next startup. Before a system upgrade or downgrade, you need to use this submenu to specify the system software.

The system displays a message indicating that the MU is offline during live video viewing.
The possible cause is that the MU module stops running. To rectify the fault, restart the MU module as follows: 1. Log in to the OMU portal of the master server. 2. Choose System Management > Business operation and management. 3 In the System Domains panel, select the MPU where the camera resides and check the running status of the MU module. If the MU module is in Running state, contact Huawei technical support engineers. If the MU module is in Offline state, go to next step. 4. In the module list, click Restart corresponding to the MU module. The system starts to restart the MU module.

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