How to configure the Firefox browser with the proxy server used so that you can download the ISM embedded in the engine?


To achieve this target, you need to perform the following operations:
1.Start the Firefox browser.
2.On the menu bar, choose Tools > Internet Options. The Internet Options dialog box is displayed.
3.Click Advanced.
4.Click the Network tab.
5.In the Connections group box, click Settings. The Connection Settings dialog box is displayed.
6.In the Do not use proxy server text box, enter the console IP address of the N8500.
7.Click OK.

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Downloading the ISM of OceanStor T Series products
The ISM has been loaded to the T series V100R005 storage system before delivery. On any maintenance terminal connected to a storage system, you can install and start the ISM by using the browser to access the IP address of the management network port on the controller of a storage system. For details about the installation environment and method, see .

Can I use a remote control to separately control the VPC600?
You can use a remote control of an endpoint to separately control the VPC600 after setting the IR mode to LOCAL (or OFF in earlier versions) on the camera.

How does the TX50 use the embedded MCU to schedule conferences?
The TX50 does not provide the embedded MCU. You need to use an MCU to schedule multipoint conferences.

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