How to Troubleshoot an N8500 CIFS Share Authentication Failure Caused by Authentication Information Caching by Windows Client?


On the Windows client, open the cmd screen and run net use /d * /y to clear the cache. If the cache fails to be cleared, restart the Windows client.

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How to Troubleshoot the Failure to Map the CIFS Normal Share in Normal Mode on UNIX Clients?
Enter the mount -t cifs -o username=usr1,passwd=passwd //virtual ip address/_sharename$ /mnt command to map the CIFS Normal share on UNIX clients. The command parameters are described as follows: -t: indicates the mounting protocol, such as the CIFS protocol. -o: indicates parameters for mounting, such as user name and password. usr1: indicates the user name of the user that accesses the CIFS share. password: indicates the user's password. //virtual ip address/_sharename$: indicates the access path of the mount space. /mnt: indicates the mount point. Parent topic: FAQ

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