How Can I View the Version of a Clustered NAS Engine?


Two methods are available.
The first method: on the command-line interface (CLI)
1.Log in to the CLI using a master account.
2.Run the upgrade show command to view the current version of the system.
N8000>upgrade show
N8000V200R001C00SPC007The second method: on the ISM
1.In the navigation tree on the ISM, choose All Devices > Clustered NAS Storage System.
2.In the Basic System Information area of the function pane, view Engine Version.

Other related questions:
How to view the hardware information of the N8000 clustered NAS engine?
1.In the navigation tree of the ISM main interface, choose Clustered NAS Storage System > Device Info. 2.In the function pane, you can view the specific hardware status and information though clicking this hardware module.

Which V3 versions can use NAS?
V300R001 supports only SAN. Both SAN and NAS are supported by V300R002 and later versions. The following model is special. 1) NAS is not supported by OceanStor 2800 V3; 2) NAS is not supported by OceanStor 2600 V3 Video Surveillance Edition; 3) NAS is only supported by OceanStor 2200 V3 with conditions: V3 version >= V300R006 and Memory Cache >= 16GB.

How can I view the version number of an MCU?
Two methods are available: in CLI mode or on the MCU web interface. Method 1: In CLI mode: Log in to the MCU server in SSH or Telnet mode and run the display version command to view the MCU version information. Method 2: On the MCU web interface: Log in to the MCU web interface and choose Help > Version. In the dialog box that is displayed, view the MCU version information.

Method used to view the CT5000 version
On the TC login page, you can press Ctrl+Alt+A to view the version of CT5000.

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