Whether the HFCs work in active/standby mode when the RH8100 V3 is in single-system mode


The two HFCs of the RH8100 V3 work independently from each other instead of in active/standby mode.
1. When the RH8100 V3 works as an 8-socket server, only the IP of the master HFC (HFC 2) is reachable, and that of the slave HFC cannot be pinged.
2. The master HFC (HFC2) manages the server and also manages BIOS, PCH, and CPLD. The serial port, USB port, and VGA port on this HFC are available.
3. The master HFC (HFC 1) only collects hardware information, including information on CPUs 5 to 8 when the server works as two 4-socket servers. The BIOS and PCH as well as the serial port, USB port, and VGA port cannot be used.

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