Whether the HFCs are hot-swappable


The HFCs of the RH8100 V3 do not support hot swap. Forcible removal will result in server power-off.
Power off the server before replacing an HFC. For details, see http://support.huawei.com/ehedex/pages/DOC1000010818YEE0409N/18/DOC1000010818YEE0409N/18/resources/en/out/rh8100_V3_user_guide_en/SemiXML%28rh8100_v3_inst_semi%29/rh8100_v3/inst/it_rh8100_v3_100029.html?ft=0&id=server_poweroff_5.

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Is cluster card or cable of S series switch hot swappable
On an S series modular switch, the ES02VSTSA (S7700), LE0D0VSTSA00 (S9300), and EH1D2VS08000 (S9700) boards are not hot swappable, and the EH1D2VS08000 (S12700) is hot swappable. Cluster cables are hot swappable, but hot swapping of the cluster cables will degrade cluster bandwidth.

Does the VCN30X0 platform support hot swappable disks?
The VCN30X0 platform supports hot swap of service disks.

Whether power modules on S series switches are hot swappable
Power modules of S series switches are hot swappable. Install and remove power modules when the device is running normally and safely. 1:1 mentioned in the product documentation indicates power module backup, which means 1+1 backup. You can use Hardware Query Tool to query details.

Whether expansion interface cards of the firewall are hot swappable
The USG interface card is not hot-swappable. Before removing and inserting an interface card, power off the device first. Otherwise, the hardware may be damaged. You can start the device only after you complete the removal and insertion operations and fasten the screws at the two sides of the board.

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