Is NAT required when the configuration wizard is configured on an AR


You do not need to enable NAT on an AR when the web configuration wizard is configured. For details about how to configure NAT, see "IP Services > NAT" in the Web-based Configuration.

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NAT PAT configuration on an AR
An AR provides static and dynamic NAT. 1. Static NAT Run the nat static command to statically bind the a combination of the private address of a host, TCP/UDP protocol number, and internal port number to a combination of the public address, TCP/UDP protocol number, and external port number. 2. Dynamic NAT Run the nat outbound acl-number address-group group-index command.

Do interfaces conflict when the NAT server and outbound NAT are configured on the AR router
Interfaces do not conflict when the NAT server and outbound NAT are configured on the AR router.

Method used to configure NAT and DHCP on the AR
Huawei AR series routers support DHCP and NAT so that users can dynamically obtain IP addresses and access the Internet. This function applies to all versions and models of the AR.

Does the identity filter need to be configured on an AR configured with IPSec
Generally, you may not configure an identity filter set when configuring IPSec on an AR router. In some special scenarios, for example, an IPSec over DSVPN application, multiple mGRE tunnel interfaces are configured on the Hub which provides only one IP address for Spoke access. The mGRE tunnel interfaces use the same source address or source interface. In this scenario, the AR router needs to determine the mGRE tunnel interface of each IKE packet based on parameters in the identity filter set. If no identity filter set is configured, the IPSec tunnel cannot be established.

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