RH2288E V2 introduction


The RH2288E V2 server is a two-socket server developed by Huawei. It is dedicated for the high performance computing (HPC), cloud computing, enterprise markets, and telecom service applications. To be specific, it applies to the scenarios that use HPC, databases, web servers, virtualization, basic enterprise applications, and telecom service applications. The RH2288E V2 features high performance computing, low power consumption, easy maintenance, high reliability, and customization.

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Differences between the RH2288 V2, RH2288H V2, and RH2288E
The four NICs of the RH2288 V2 are GE NICs on the mainboard while the NICs of the RH2288H V2 are flexible NICs. The number of PCIe slots on riser cards is also different. The RH2288E V2 supports holding guide rails for installation. For details, see their respective user guide.

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