RH2285 V2 mainboard


RH2285 V2 mainboard layout:

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Server marketing materials
To obtain marketing documents, such as the server brochures and documents for bidding, visit http://e.huawei.com/en/marketing-material.

Server boot disk
ServiceCD2.0 is an intelligent boot disk for servers. It provides OS installation and RAID configuration functions. ServiceCD2.0 has the following features: - Provides wizard-based installation of OSs, such as Windows Server, SUSE, Red Hat, and VMware ESXi and installs device drivers based on the hardware detected. - Provides a graphical user interface to help you complete the installation. - Supports configuration of a variety of RAID controller cards through a unified GUI. You can use the boot disk (ServiceCD) delivered with the server to perform the installation. You can also download the iso file of the boot disk (ServiceCD) and perform the installation over remote control. For details about How do I download the iso and install the OS, see: http://support.huawei.com/ecommunity/bbs/10179917.html

Solution to activating the Windows after the server mainboard is replaced
To activate Windows, do as follows: 1. Call 800-830-1832 or 400-830-1832, and press 1 and then 5. Provide the key of your Windows version and the code generated when the activation failed. 2. Call the Microsoft technical support and tell the technical support that you need to reactivate the OS after replacing the server mainboard. 3. Enter the code provided by the Microsoft technical support to activate the OS.

Rack server communication matrix
Visit http://support.huawei.com/enterprise/en/doc/DOC1000059786 to obtain the iBMC communication matrix for V3 servers.

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