RH2285H V2 multimedia


RH2285H V2 3D multimedia:

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Server black box
The black box consists of a built-in memory chip and fault monitoring software. The memory chip, independent from the server hard disks, stores fault information. The fault monitoring software records the kernel information when the server OS breaks down. For detailed information about the black box, see the iMana User Guide for your server model.

RH2288H V2 health indicator
V2 rack server health indicator status description: ? Steady green: The server is operating properly. ? Blinking red at 2 Hz: A major alarm is generated. ? Blinking red at 4 Hz: A critical alarm is generated.

Installation and configuration of Multimedia on the OceanStor BCManager V200R001C00 eBackup
You can download OceanStor BCManager V200R001C00 eBackup from the following website: - (Video)OceanStor BCManager V200R001C00 eBackup Installation and Configuration (Virtual Backup).

Path of obtaining IT product multimedia
Welcome to the Huawei IT product multimedia platform. We provide you with an ultimate high-speed experience! 1. Huawei support website http://support.huawei.com/enterprise/en/index.html 2. Youku http://i.youku.com/hwinfoit

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