RH2285H V2 weight


RH2285H V2 net weight:
? 8 hard disks: 27 kg
? 14 hard disks: 30 kg
? 26 hard disks: 30 kg
Packaging material weight: 5.3 kg

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Server black box
The black box consists of a built-in memory chip and fault monitoring software. The memory chip, independent from the server hard disks, stores fault information. The fault monitoring software records the kernel information when the server OS breaks down. For detailed information about the black box, see the iMana User Guide for your server model.

RH2288H V2 health indicator
V2 rack server health indicator status description: ? Steady green: The server is operating properly. ? Blinking red at 2 Hz: A major alarm is generated. ? Blinking red at 4 Hz: A critical alarm is generated.

Weight of an N63B cabinet
Weight of an N63B cabinet without an extension frame: 60 kg Weight of an N63B cabinet with an extension frame: 66 kg

Dorado6000 V3 weight specifications
V3 series Dorado6000 weight specifications: Controller enclosure (without disks): 50 kg 2 U SAS disk enclosure (without disks): 13.3 kg 2 U SAS disk enclosure (with disks): 19.6 kg The specifications vary with product versions. For the latest specifications, see: Product Specifications.

What is the gross weight of the TE10?
Gross weight: 1.6 kg

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