RH2285H V2 introduction


The RH2285H V2 is a 2U two-socket rack server launched by Huawei to meet customer requirements for the Internet, Internet data center (IDC), cloud computing, enterprise market, and telecom service applications.
The RH2285H V2 features high-performance computing (HPC), large storage capacity, low power consumption, high scalability and reliability, and easy management and deployment. It applies to databases, videos, photo sharing, backup servers, web search, basic enterprise applications, and telecom service applications.
The RH2285H V2 supports the following hard disk configurations:
? 8 hard disks: eight front 2.5-inch SAS/SATA HDDs or SSDs
? 14 hard disks: twelve 3.5-inch SAS/SATA HDDs at the front and two 2.5-inch SSDs or SAS/SATA HDDs at the rear
A customized 3.5-inch hard disk tray can be used to support twelve 2.5-inch hard disks at the front.
Supports SSDs or SAS/SATA HDDs.
? 26 hard disks: twenty-four 2.5-inch SSDs or SAS/SATA HDDs at the front and two 2.5-inch SSDs or SAS/SATA HDDs at the rear

Other related questions:
Server black box
The black box consists of a built-in memory chip and fault monitoring software. The memory chip, independent from the server hard disks, stores fault information. The fault monitoring software records the kernel information when the server OS breaks down. For detailed information about the black box, see the iMana User Guide for your server model.

RH2288H V2 health indicator
V2 rack server health indicator status description: ? Steady green: The server is operating properly. ? Blinking red at 2 Hz: A major alarm is generated. ? Blinking red at 4 Hz: A critical alarm is generated.

Differences between the RH2288 V2, RH2288H V2, and RH2288E
The four NICs of the RH2288 V2 are GE NICs on the mainboard while the NICs of the RH2288H V2 are flexible NICs. The number of PCIe slots on riser cards is also different. The RH2288E V2 supports holding guide rails for installation. For details, see their respective user guide.

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