Can the mapping between IP addresses be configured when there is only one public IP address


The mapping between IP addresses can be configured only when there are multiple public IP addresses.

Other related questions:
The AR router has only one public IP address, how to configure full port mapping?
When the AR router has only one public IP, it can not configure full port mapping, only when it has multiple public IP addresses, it can configure full mapping.

Configuring VRRP when the firewall has only one public address
Set the interface IP address to any private address. The active and standby interface IP addresses must be on the same network segment. Set the VRRP group address to a public address.

Whether the public IP address and private IP address can be the same in server mapping mode on the USG6000 series
The public IP address and private IP address configured for NAT Server on the USG6000 series cannot be the same.

How do U1900 series unified gateways support multiple IP addresses, with one private IP address and one public IP address
The U1911/U1960/U1980/U1981 supports multi-network-port work mode to separate the service and management data. In general, the gateways work in single network port mode, and the first two network ports of a gateway work in active/standby mode. In multi-network-port mode, only network port 0 can be used to manage and maintain the device. Other voice gateways do not support multiple IP addresses, and the first two ports work in active/standby mode.

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