What's function of PSUs components of the RH1288 V3


The RH1288 V3 uses two AC or DC hot-swappable PSUs in 1+1 redundancy mode based on the input power:
AC PSUs: 100 V to 240 V AC
DC PSUs: �?8 V to �?0 V DC
240 V high voltage direct current (HVDC) PSUs: 240 V DC
380 V HVDC PSUs: 260 V to 400 V DC
The PSUs support double-pole/neutral fusing.

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What's function of Chassis components of the RH1288 V3
A chassis houses all components

What's function of Supercapacitor components of the RH1288 V3
A supercapacitor is required to provide power-off protection for the LSISAS2208, LSISAS3108 or SP435 (PM8060) controller card on the RH1288 V3.

What's function of Supercapacitor tray components of the RH1288 V3
A battery tray supports and secures a cache battery.

What is the function of the mainboard in the RH1288 V3
As the most important component of the server, the mainboard provides CPU sockets, DIMM slots, and PCIe slots and integrates basic components such as the BIOS chip and Platform Controller Hub (PCH) chip. The mainboard integrates the SM750 display chip and provides 32 MB display memory. The maximum resolution is 1920 pixels x 1200 pixels at 60 Hz with 16 M colors.

What is the function of DIMMs in the RH1288 V3
The RH1288 V3 supports a maximum of 16 double data rate 4 (DDR4) registered dual-line memory modules (RDIMMs) or load-reduced DIMMs (LRDIMMs). Maximum memory capacity: 1024 GB Capacity per DIMM: 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB Memory speed: DDR4 1867 MT/s, 2133 MT/s, or 2400 MT/s

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