One-click information collection by using the MM910


One-click information collection method of the E9000 server: Log in to the MM910 WebUI, and choose System Management > SEL Information > SMM to collect information in one-click mode. For details, visit the following link:

Other related questions:
Performing one-click information collection on the BMC
Server one-click information collection method: ? iMana: Run the ipmcset -t maintenance -d imtool command. For details, see ? iBMC: On the iBMC WebUI, choose Information > Summary > Shortcuts > One-Click Info Collection. For details, see

Method used to collect TC information
You need to log in to TCM to collect the TC information. For details, see section 19 "Log Collection" in the TCM V100R001C00SPC200 Product Documents 01. (2) The specific path is as follows:|9856522|21782478|21782484|8677678

Method used to collect information on the USG6000
The method used to collect information on the USG6000 is as follows: 1. Choose Monitor > Diagnosis Center. 2. Click Information Collection. 3. Click Collect.

Can the U1981 allow users to collect the equipment serial numbers (ESNs) of all boards by one click?
The U1900 and SoftCo series voice gateways do not provide commands for one-click ESN collection. To view the subrack SN, run the show license command. To view SNs of other boards, view the barcodes of corresponding boards on devices in the equipment room.

Method used to install the information collection tool
For details about how to install the information collection tool, see OceanStor Toolkit Information Collection Tool Operation Guide. To download the guide, log in to the To iKnow To Live Chat
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