How does the E9000 exit serial port redirection?


To exit from SOL on the E9000 management module, perform the following operation: Press Ctrl+R on the SOL screen to return to the previous menu. You can press Ctrl+R for several times until you exit the SOL screen.

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IAD serial port login method
You can use HyperTerminal or securityURT tool or putty tool, codec rate is 9600, and the parity check data is no login account and password, the password is root/huawei123, the old version may also be admin.

How do I exit the SC?
To exit the SC, run the quit command.

E9000 networking assistant
The E9000 Server Mezz Card-Switch Module Networking Assistant rapidly determines the mapping between mezzanine card ports and switch module ports of an E9000 server, increasing networking efficiency. You can obtain the tool at: E9000 networking assistant

Server serial port baud rate
The server serial port baud rate is 115200 bit/s.

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