How does the E6000 telnet to a switch module by using a management module?


The E6000 cannot access a switch module in this mode because it does not have the SOL function.
You can configure a switch module IP address on the management module, and then connect to the switch module network port to access the switch module by using the client.

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Which management module is the E6000 connected for management?
If the E6000 is configured with two management modules and the two management modules work in active/standby mode, you need to connect to the active management module to implement management. You can determine the active/standby status of management modules by using the ACT indicators. If the ACT indicator of a management module is steady green, the management module is the active one. If the ACT indicator of a management module is blinking, the management module is the standby one.

Whether switch modules used on the E6000 support NAT
The switch modules used on the E6000 do not support the NAT function.

E9000 connection by using SOL
The E9000 server can connect to compute nodes and switch modules in the chassis by using the SOL function provided by the MM910, facilitating remote maintenance. For details, visit the following link:

Stacking of E6000 NX112 switch modules
After the stack cable is connected to the NX112 switch modules, stack configuration will be automatically performed.

Default IP address, user name, and password of an E6000 blade
The iMana (BMC) default user name and password of an E6000 blade are as follows: Default user name: root Default password: Huawei12#$ The default password of iMana for some live network products of earlier versions may be root. The default IP address and subnet mask of the iMana (BMC) in slots 1 to 10 are as follows: Default IP address: to Default subnet mask: To log in to the BIOS of the E6000 blade, you may need to enter the default password uniBIOS123.

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