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E6000 Parts Replacement Video:

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Installation and configuration of Multimedia on the OceanStor BCManager V200R001C00 eBackup
You can download OceanStor BCManager V200R001C00 eBackup from the following website: - (Video)OceanStor BCManager V200R001C00 eBackup Installation and Configuration (Virtual Backup).

E6000 upgrade
For details about how to upgrade the E6000, see: http://support.huawei.com/huaweiconnect/enterprise/thread-282467.html

Path of obtaining IT product multimedia
Welcome to the Huawei IT product multimedia platform. We provide you with an ultimate high-speed experience! 1. Huawei support website http://support.huawei.com/enterprise/en/index.html 2. Youku http://i.youku.com/hwinfoit

E6000 alarm reference
E6000 Alarm Reference: http://support.huawei.com/enterprise/en/doc/DOC1000006818/?idPath=7919749|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961378

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