Whether the CX913 supports L3 switching


The CX913 of the C00 version does not support L3 switching, but the CX913 of the C10 version supports this function.

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Whether the CX311 supports L3 switching
The CX311 supports L3 switching.

Whether the CX913 supports GE or 10GE ports
The CX913 panel provides 16 x 10GE optical ports. The ports adapt to GE ports.

Whether USG firewalls support VLAN communications through L3 subinterfaces
The USG firewalls support VLAN communications through L3 subinterfaces.

Does the L2/L3 interface of an interface card of an AR router support being converted to be working in L3 mode
Check whether the Layer 3 Ethernet interface is switched over to a Layer 2 Ethernet interface. The procedure of converting the Layer 2 mode of a physical interface to the Layer 3 mode is as follows: 1. Choose LAN access > LAN > Physical interface to enter the physical interface configuration page. 2. In the operation column of the physical interface list, click the icon at the right side of details corresponding to a desired physical interface to switch over the physical interface between Layer 2 mode and Layer 3 mode. 3. In the prompt dialog box, click Yes to confirm the switchover.

Does the Switch Support PoE?
If the model name of a switch contains PWR or PWH, this switch supports the PoE function. For example, S5700-24TP-PWR-SI is a PoE-capable switch.

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