CX913 introduction


The CX913 includes two physical planes: 10GE switching plane and FC passthrough plane.

10GE switching plane:
? Provides 40 internal 10GE ports, including 3 x 10GE ports for each half-width slot from slots 1 to 8 and 2 x 10GE ports for each half-width slot from slots 9 to 16.
? Provides two internal 40GE ports for interconnecting two 10GE switch modules.
? Provides 16 external 10GE optical ports for connecting to SFP+ optical modules or passive direct attached cables (DACs) to provide service ports for switch modules and for connecting to external switch modules or other network devices.
The CX913 of the C00 version does not support stacking and L3 switching, but the CX913 of the C10 version supports these functions.

FC passthrough plane:
? Provides eight external 8G FC ports to connect to external networks.
? Supports the connection from the FC optical ports on the panel to the half-width slots on the left or on the right.
? Only 8G optical modules are supported.
The two CX913s in a pair of slots can operate independently, in 1+1 redundancy mode, or in load sharing mode by working with the OS and NICs.

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