CX912 zone configuration


Zone configuration is required only when a network requires isolated nodes for security purposes. In addition, access permission to different devices that are connected to the same switch is configured.
For details, see Configuring Zones Using Web Tools in the CX912 User Guide.
? C00 version:|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961380
? C10 version:|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961380

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Default IP address of CX912 FC
The default IP address of the CX912 FC switching plane is provided below. Other switching planes or BMC is not configured with a default IP address. IP address: Subnet mask: Default gateway:

Default user name and password of the CX91x
The default user name and password of the BMC and onboard Ethernet switching plane of the CX91x are as follows: Default user name: root Default password: Huawei12#$ In some cases (such as serial port login and BIOS login), you only need to enter the password but do not need to enter the user name. The default user name and password of the FC switching plane (available only for CX911 and CX912) are as follows: Default user name: admin Default password: Huawei12#$

Whether the CX912 supports GE or 10GE ports
The CX912 supports 10GE optical ports. The ports adapt to GE ports. The supported ports are as follows: ? 10GE switching plane: 32 x 10GE downlink ports (each half-width slot: 2 x 10GE) and 16 x 10GE uplink optical ports ? FC switching plane: 16 x 8G FC downlink ports (each half-width slot: 1 x 8G FC port) and 8 x 8G FC uplink ports

Adjusting OceanStor 9000's zones and zone attributes
Procedure for adjusting OceanStor 9000's zones and zone attributes: 1. Log in to DeviceManager. 2. Check licenses in the storage system. Load balancing provided by the InfoEqualizer feature is a value-added feature, so you must ensure that each license file in the storage system includes information about InfoEqualizer. Choose Settings > License Management > Active License and check whether the activated licenses contain information about InfoEqualizer. If information about InfoEqualizer is not contained, follow the displayed instructions to import and activate the required license. 3. Create a zone. OceanStor 9000 has a default zone root. Administrators can create more zones based on service requirements. The owning subnet of a zone can be configured using the subnet CONFIGURE item in zone CONFIGURE. a. Choose Settings > Cluster Settings > InfoEqualizer > Zone Management. b. Click Create. In the Create Zone dialog box, enter the required information and click OK. 4. Migrate nodes. After zones are created, nodes can be migrated from the root zone to other newly created zones. a. In the zone list, select a newly created zone. b. Click Add above the node list. c. In the Add Node dialog box that is displayed, select nodes that you want to migrate to the zone and click OK. Note: The Add Node dialog box displays nodes in the root zone.

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