Whether the CX912 supports stacking


The CX912 of the C00 version does not support stacking. The CX912 of the C10 version supports stacking and provides two 40GE ports that are connected to the midplane for interconnecting or stacking modules.

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Whether the CX912 supports GE or 10GE ports
The CX912 supports 10GE optical ports. The ports adapt to GE ports. The supported ports are as follows: ? 10GE switching plane: 32 x 10GE downlink ports (each half-width slot: 2 x 10GE) and 16 x 10GE uplink optical ports ? FC switching plane: 16 x 8G FC downlink ports (each half-width slot: 1 x 8G FC port) and 8 x 8G FC uplink ports

Whether the firewall supports stacking

Whether USG firewalls support the stacking feature
USG firewalls do not support the clustering or stacking function. You can configure hot standby to improve reliability.

Whether S series fixed switches support stacking
The Typical Configuration Examples document describes whether each model and version of S series fixed switches (except S1700 switches) supports stacking as well as stack modes, hardware and software requirements, typical networking, and configuration steps. For details, click Typical Configuration Examples and choose Typical Stack Configuration of Fixed Switches- Determining the Stack Connection Mode and Hardware and Software Requirements.

Default IP address of CX912 FC
The default IP address of the CX912 FC switching plane is provided below. Other switching planes or BMC is not configured with a default IP address. IP address: Subnet mask: Default gateway:

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