CX911 FC configuration


The following documents describe the CX911 FC switching plane configuration:

CX911 User Guide:
? C00 version:|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961380
? C10 version:|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961380

E9000 Deployment Guide:|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961380

MX510 Command Reference:|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961380

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Default IP address of CX911 FC
The default IP address of the CX911 FC switching plane is provided below. Other switching planes or BMC is not configured with a default IP address. IP address: Subnet mask: Default gateway:

E9000 switch module configuration assistant
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How to configure an FC interface on a CE series switch
Before configuring an FC interface, install an FC optical module. If the LINK indicator of a service interface is steady green, the interface is in Up state. # Switch 10GE1/0/1 to an FC interface. system-view [~HUAWEI] port mode fc 10ge 1/0/1 Warning: This operation will cause all the other configurations on the port to be lost. Continue? [Y/N]:y [*HUAWEI] commit # After configuring an FC interface, check the interface status. If the physical state and protocol state of the interface are both UP, the interface has been enabled. [~HUAWEI] display interface fc 1/0/1 FC1/0/1 current state : UP (ifindex: 144) Line protocol current state : UP ......

Do CE series switches support the FC function
CE series switches support the FC function in V100R005C10 and later versions. Currently, only the CE6850U-HI supports the FC function.

Whether switch modules used on the E9000 are hot-swappable
The E9000 provides four slots to install switch modules. Switch modules in slots 2X and 3X are in a pair, and switch modules in slots 1E and 4E are in a pair. The two switch modules in a pair of slots can operate independently, in 1+1 redundancy mode, or in load sharing mode by working with the OS and NICs.

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