CX610 introduction


The switching plane included in the CX610 is an IB switching plane.
? Supports 18 x QDR QSFP/FDR QSFP+ uplink ports.
? Supports 16 x 4X QDR/4X FDR downlink ports (each half-width slot: 1 x 4X QDR/4X FDR).
? Supports QDR/FDR auto-negotiation.
? Suitable for low-latency and high-bandwidth applications, such as HPC clusters and high-performance distributed file systems.
4X QDR/4X FDR indicates that a port uses four lanes on the midplane, and the rate of each lane is QDR 10 Gbit/s or FDR 14 Gbit/s.
For more details, see the CX610 User Guide:|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961380

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