Whether AR router can achieve NAT Server redundancy backup function?


AR router does not support NAT Server redundancy backup function.

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Can AR router send the NAT translation table to the log server?
The configuration of NAT Elog does not need to enable firewall function, configuration is as follows: Nat log-format eLog Firewall log session enable Firewall log session NAT enable Info-center source channel 2 log level FW-DEBUG notification Then is the normal configuration of info-center. Refer to the product manual configuration: configure NAT log output

Whether the NAT interface of AR router can be configured multicast?
Configure NAT on AR router interface can be configured multicast, but the configuration of the NAT only effect on unicast packets, multicast packets are not supported in NAT.

What is the difference between the Static NAT and NAT Server on AR router?
The difference between NAT Server and NAT Static configuration is: NAT Server to access the Internet from intranet, only do address replace, but NAT Static for network address; active access outside the network will also replace the address and port number.

Can the AR router provide redundancy of the NAT server
The AR router does not provide redundancy of the NAT server.

Whether the AR router supports interface backup
AR routers support interface backup.

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