Whether the CX310 supports L3 switching


The CX310 supports L3 switching.

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Whether the CX311 supports L3 switching
The CX311 supports L3 switching.

Whether USG firewalls support VLAN communications through L3 subinterfaces
The USG firewalls support VLAN communications through L3 subinterfaces.

CX310 ports
The CX310 provides the following external ports: ? One BMC serial port, which is used for logging in to the BMC CLI. ? One SYS serial port, which is used for local management, maintenance, and GE switching plane commissioning. ? Sixteen 10GE optical ports, which are used for exchanging data with external networks. The CX310 provides the following internal ports: ? Thirty-two 10GE ports, which are connected to half-width compute node slots 1 to 16. The subcards corresponding to the slots are numbered from 1 to 16. ? One 40GE port, which is used to interconnect the switch modules in slots 1E and 4E or in slots 2X and 3X. ? Two GE ports, which are connected to the two MM910s respectively for communicating with the internal ports eth0 and eth2 on the MM910s.

Does the L2/L3 interface of an interface card of an AR router support being converted to be working in L3 mode
Check whether the Layer 3 Ethernet interface is switched over to a Layer 2 Ethernet interface. The procedure of converting the Layer 2 mode of a physical interface to the Layer 3 mode is as follows: 1. Choose LAN access > LAN > Physical interface to enter the physical interface configuration page. 2. In the operation column of the physical interface list, click the icon at the right side of details corresponding to a desired physical interface to switch over the physical interface between Layer 2 mode and Layer 3 mode. 3. In the prompt dialog box, click Yes to confirm the switchover.

Does the Switch Support PoE?
If the model name of a switch contains PWR or PWH, this switch supports the PoE function. For example, S5700-24TP-PWR-SI is a PoE-capable switch.

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