Configuring the GE switching plane of the CX210


The CX210 does not have 10GE switching planes.

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Management plane of the network planes for the eBackup
The management plane is divided into two sub-planes: backup management plane and production management plane. The backup management plane serves as the communication plane for eBackup to provide external services. You can use the IP address of this plane to log in to the eBackup backup management system through a maintenance terminal or a third-party system to configure and manage backup and recovery services. The production management plane serves as the communication plane between the backup server/backup proxy and the management plane at the production end.

Switching over the E9000 switching plane
For details about how to switch over the switching module, see "Logging In to the CLI of Each Switching Plane" in the user guide of the switch module. For example, if the switch module is CX911, click Link.

Whether S1700 switches are GE switches
If you understand the naming rules of the S1700, you can determine whether an S1700 switch is a GE switch or not based on its model.

Meaning of the CX31x converged switching
Converged switching (which is not strictly defined) indicates the switching that adopts DCB Ethernet switches that support FCoE traffic and E9000 CX310, CX311, and CX312 converged switch modules. Converged networking (which is not strictly defined) indicates the Ethernet networking in the server field that bears the traditional Ethernet data traffic and FCoE traffic. This Ethernet networking must be based on the DCB feature.

Division of dual planes
The network of FusionInsight HD is divided into two planes, the service plane and management plane. The two planes are deployed in physical isolation mode to ensure network security.

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