Can AR router send the NAT translation table to the log server?


The configuration of NAT Elog does not need to enable firewall function, configuration is as follows:

Nat log-format eLog
Firewall log session enable
Firewall log session NAT enable
Info-center source channel 2 log level FW-DEBUG notification

Then is the normal configuration of info-center. Refer to the product manual configuration: configure NAT log output

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Can multiple AR routers send logs to the same log host
Multiple AR routers can send logs to the same log host.

Check whether the AR routers can send logs to the same log host

How to check the AR router NAT flow table information ?
Execute "display nat session all" command to check.

Explain the nat overlap-address command on the AR router
The nat overlap-address command configures the mapping between an overlapping address pool and a temporary address pool. When IP addresses of internal and external hosts overlap, the mapping between the overlapping address pool and the temporary address pool needs to be configured. After the mapping is configured, the overlapping address is translated into a unique temporary address to ensure correct packet forwarding. Outbound NAT needs to be configured to implement bidirectional NAT.

Can the AR router translate source and destination IP addresses simultaneously using NAT
The AR router can use NAT to translate source and destination IP addresses simultaneously.

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