Configuring flow control of the CX111


Network congestion causes packet loss. Flow control is a method of avoiding packet loss. After flow control is configured, if network congestion occurs on the local device, the local device sends a message to the peer device, instructing the peer device to reduce the packet sending rate. After receiving the message, the peer device reduces its packet sending rate, which prevents congestion.
Configure flow control of the CX110 by following the instructions provided in the configuration guide:

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Can I configure parameters such as rate, auto-negotiation mode, and flow control on interfaces of CE series switches
You can use Interface Query Tool to obtain interface attributes such as the default auto-negotiation status, rate, and support for the auto-negotiation and flow control auto-negotiation configuration based on the interface type and connection medium. To use the interface query tool for CE series switches, visit

OSN35003500 EFT8A veneer support port flow control devices
Osn35003500 EFT8A veneer of equipment support port traffic control: support 100 MB full duplex, 10 m full duplex, and since the negotiation.

OSN35003500 EAS2 veneer support port flow control devices
Port 1, since the negotiation flow control: no support 2, the port since the negotiation flow control: support

Whether the CX111 provides GE or 10GE ports
Yes, the CX111 provides GE and 10GE ports for switching data with external networks.
? Four 10GE optical ports
? 12 GE electrical ports

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