Checking port status of the CX111


See "Indicators" in the CX111 Switch Module V100R001C10 User Guide.
CX111 user guide:

Other related questions:
Whether the CX111 provides GE or 10GE ports
Yes, the CX111 provides GE and 10GE ports for switching data with external networks.
? Four 10GE optical ports
? 12 GE electrical ports

How to check the circuit status of PRA
Run the show tkc officeno x command, where the variable x indicates the office route number of the trunk. If the status is IDLE, the circuit is functional.

Checking server hard disk status
You can use any of the following methods to check hard disk status: 1. Check each hard disk status indicator. 2. Check hard disk status on the iMana WebUI. 3. Check hard disk status in the Configuration Utility of the RAID controller card.

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