CX110 temperature requirements


Temperature requirements of the CX110:
? Operating temperature: 5�?to 40�?(41�?to 104�?
? Storage temperature: -40�?to +65�?(-40�?to 149�?

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What are the temperature requirements for the TEs and TX50?
The temperature in the environment of the TEs and TX50 ranges from 0�� to 40��.

What are the components of an RP100-55 system?
RP100-55 system components: Standard RP100-55: HD camera VPC620, core codec VP9039S, IDB55-B (built-in speaker), assembly components (including IDB rack, equipment cabinet, and multifunctional socket), microphone M210, customized 5-port PDU, wireless mouse and keyboard, and TB201 interface box

Working environment of the S1700
Requirements on the working environment of the S1700 are as follows: Working temperature range: 0°C to 45°C Storage temperature range: �?0°C to +70°C Relative humidity: 10%RH to 90%RH

What is the ambient temperature required by the DP300?
The ambient temperature required by the DP300 ranges from 0�� to 40��.

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