CX110 introduction


The CX110 includes an independent GE switching plane. Two paired CX110 switch modules can work together with the OS and NIC to implement three working modes: independent switching, 1+1 redundancy, or load balancing. The CX110 supports:
? Operating modes of full-duplex and auto-negotiation
? GE and 10GE ports
Passive direct attached cables (DACs) can be used on 10GE optical ports.
Single-mode and multi-mode optical modules can be connected to GE and 10GE optical ports.
? Flow control
? Jumbo frames
? Link aggregation
? Load balancing among links of a trunk
? Interface isolation and forwarding restrictions
? Broadcast storm suppression

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Other related questions:
Default user name and password of the CX11x
The default user name and password of the BMC and GE switching plane of the CX11x are as follows: Default user name: root Default password: Huawei12#$ In some cases (such as serial port login and BIOS login), you only need to enter the password but do not need to enter the user name.

Whether the CX110 provides GE or 10GE ports
Yes, the CX110 provides GE and 10GE ports for switching data with external networks. Four 10GE optical ports 12 GE electrical ports

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