CH240 onboard video adapter


The onboard video adapter of the CH240 is integrated into the FPGA chip, providing 64 MB video memory. The maximum resolution is 1280 x1024 at 60 Hz with 16 M colors.

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Replacement of onboard NIC
The on-board NICs of certain servers, such as RH2285 V2 and RH2288 V2, are integrated on the mainboard. If you want to replace the on-board NIC, you must replace the mainboard. The on-board NICs of certain servers, such as all V3 servers, RH2285H V2, RH2288H V2, RH5885 V2, and E9000, can be replaced independently. For details, see the user guide of your server model.

Whether HBAs are included in the standard configuration of Huawei servers
HBAs are optional components. Huawei rack servers provide PCIe slots for installing HBA cards, and blade servers support HBA mezz cards. If you want to purchase HBA cards, contact the sales personnel in the local office or query the compatibility list.

How do I obtain the version mapping between the MCU and REACH recording server?
See the MCU version release notes. The document can be obtained as follows: 1. Log in to Support-E. 2. Search for MCU. 3. Select the product version, such as VP9660. 4. Select the version number to download the document.

SoftRAID (onboard RAID) in Huawei servers
SoftRAID is a simplified RAID solution. Huawei servers use Intel PCH to provide six SATA signals and use the LSIMegaRAID software solution. SoftRAID supports RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10. Only SATA and SSD disks support SoftRAID. Only RH2265H V2, RH2285H V2, and RH2288H V2 servers support SoftRAID. You need to enable SoftRAID on the BIOS after choosing Advanced > IDE Configuration > HDC Configure As. If external RAID cards, such as 2208 and 2308, are used to provide SoftRAID, you only need to install the RAID controller card and connect the SAS cable without any setting on the BIOS.

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