The CH222 storage expansion compute node (CH222 for short) is a full-width compute node based on Intel's latest Romley CPUs and features superior computing performance and scalability by supporting a maximum of fifteen 2.5-inch disk. The CH222 supports hot swap of hard disks and remote power-on and power-off control on a single hard disk.
CH222 compute nodes are installed in an E9000 chassis and centrally managed by the MM910 management module (MM).
The CH222 is ideal for massive data analysis and processing applications that require both large storage capacity and high computing performance, such as videos, search engines, and biological sciences.

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Powering off an E9000
Power off an E9000 as follows: 1. Power off the blades or switch modules in an E9000 chassis using the MM910 Web interface. For details, see 2. Disconnect the E9000 power cable from the mains supply.

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