CH222 expansion slots


The CH222 supports one standard PCIe card, which can be a 400 GB, 800 GB, 1.2 TB, or 2.4 TB PCIe SSD card.
If a PCIe card is configured, DIMMs cannot be installed in the six DIMM slots under the PCIe card due to limited space.
For details about the PCIe cards supported by the CH222, see the compatibility checker:

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How many expansion slots does a file engine node have and where are they?
A file engine node offers four expansion slots for an Ethernet adapter with four 1 Gbit/s network ports, a 10 Gbit/s Ethernet adapter with two 10 Gbit/s network ports. A1, A2, A3, and A4 (B1, B2, B3, and B4) on the slot area of the rear panel of the file engine stand for expansion slots.

OceanStor 9000 expansion module
OceanStor 9000 provides an expansion module on the C72 node for managing service disks in the node.

Slot capacity of metro3000
If S16 card put in slot4 ,slot1-slot3 don't accept any card If SD4 card put in slot9 ,slot10 don't accept any card If S16 card put in slot9 ,slot10 and slot11 don't accept any card

DHCP extension on S series switches
You can use extended DHCP functions on S series switches as follows: # How can authorized users with static IP addresses go online? After DHCP snooping and IPSG functions are enabled (using the ip source check user-bind enable command) on the switch, if an authorized user connects to the switch using a static IP address, the switch will discard packets of the user because there is no matching dynamic binding entry. As a result, the user cannot go online. In this case, you can run a command to configure a static binding entry for the user: In the system view, run user-bind static { { { ip-address | ipv6-address } { start-ip [ to end-ip ] } &<1-10> | ipv6-prefix prefix/prefix-length } | mac-address mac-address } * [ interface interface-type interface-number ] [ vlan vlan-id [ ce-vlan ce-vlan-id ] ]. When configuring a static binding entry, select at least two of the four elements: IP address, MAC address, interface, and VLAN. The switch allows you to bind all the four elements. After the static binding entry is created for the user, the user can go online. If the user changes the IP address, the original static binding entry will become invalid. As there is no matching dynamic or static binding entry for this user, the user cannot go online.

Powering off an E9000
Power off an E9000 as follows: 1. Power off the blades or switch modules in an E9000 chassis using the MM910 Web interface. For details, see 2. Disconnect the E9000 power cable from the mains supply.

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