How can I enable NAT log and set a log interval


NAT logs are generated when the device performs address translation.

Configuration Example
Configure the device to generate NAT logs at an interval of 200 seconds.
[Huawei] firewall log all enable
[Huawei] info-center enable
[Huawei] firewall log defend log-interval 200

Other related questions:
How can I view log information
  • Run the display logbuffer command to view log information in the log buffer.

  • Run the display logfile command to view log information in the log files.

  • Can AR router send the NAT translation table to the log server?
    The configuration of NAT Elog does not need to enable firewall function, configuration is as follows: Nat log-format eLog Firewall log session enable Firewall log session NAT enable Info-center source channel 2 log level FW-DEBUG notification Then is the normal configuration of info-center. Refer to the product manual configuration: configure NAT log output

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